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Please get in contact if our web material and tutorials do not answer your questions, if you run into problems that you cannot solve, or if you would like to get involved in developing G-ADOPT.


G-ADOPT is developed publicly on GitHub. If you have a bug to report or a new feature to request, please raise an issue or open a discussion on our project page. If you're using G-ADOPT regularly, this is where we will announce important changes like bug fixes or new features.


Some of our development discussions take place on the Firedrake Slack workspace. This workspace is open to all but you will need to request an invitation; see this page for instructions. Once you have access you can then join the #gadopt channel. Slack chat history disappears after 90 days, and whilst it is a sensible avenue for quick correspondence, our preference would be for important issues and discussions to be raised on GitHub.


You can email the G-ADOPT project team at for any other request.